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By Daniel O'NeillPosted 14 May 2024
Warrior Blogs

What is the best macro split for your goal?

Macros are always being discussed but they can be a confusing topic when it comes to choosing the best ones for you. In this blog we will break down everything...

By Daniel O'NeillPosted 22 Mar 2024
Warrior Blogs

Ultimate summer shredding supplement list

A list of supplements that are useful for losing body fat and getting summer ready

By KBF eCommercePosted 08 Mar 2024
Warrior Blogs

Everything you need to know about protein

Following a high protein diet is something that is getting more popular by the day due to all the benefits it brings. In this blog we will explain everything you...

By Daniel O'NeillPosted 26 Feb 2024
Warrior Blogs

The power of protein bars: How they can help yo...

In the pursuit of a healthier and fitter lifestyle, nutrition plays a pivotal role. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, meeting your protein requirements is...

By Daniel O'NeillPosted 19 Jan 2024
By Daniel O'NeillPosted 20 Nov 2023
Warrior Blogs

Top 5 supplements for muscle growth

If muscle growth is your goal, here's the top 5 supplements you should consider using to help you along your journey.

By Daniel O'NeillPosted 07 Nov 2023
Warrior Blogs

How to build a big chest

Looking to build a big chest? Try and implement these techniques into your training program.

By KBF eCommercePosted 12 Jul 2023
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