Protein Cookies

Richly delicious high protein, low sugar baked protein cookies make for a perfect snack option from Warrior. With 15 grams of protein - Read More


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Why is a high protein diet beneficial?

A high protein diet is beneficial for many reasons as it can help you achieve many goals. If you are looking to build or maintain muscle mass, a high protein diet plays a crucial role. Protein is also an important macro nutrient for recovery and it is the most filling macro nutrient.

Are protein cookies low in sugar?

Warrior protein cookies are high in protein while being low in sugar. Each cookie contains just 3 grams of sugar making them perfect for anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake while still satisfying sweet tooth cravings.

How much protein is in a protein cookie?

Each cookie is packed with 15 grams of high quality protein. This makes them a great snack to help boost your daily protein intake. If you currently struggle to hit protein goals, try adding them to your daily diet.

Are protein cookies healthy?

Protein cookies are a healthier alternative to your standard cookies. Protein cookies are lower in sugar and also more filling than a standard cookie, meaning they are good for someone looking to eat less calories.

What is the difference between a protein bar and cookie?

The main difference is the nutritional values. Both options are good for if you want a convenient snack for on the go. Compare the cookies to our popular Crunch Bars to get more on an idea of nutritional values.