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Ultimate summer shredding supplement list

Ultimate summer shredding supplement list

If you are looking to get into shape for the summer but not sure where to start with supplements, here's a list of supplements that could be beneficial additions to your supplement stack.  

Warrior Diet Bars

Low calorie protein bars are a great way to hit your protein goals while keeping the calories under control. Warrior Diet bars are a great choice for someone looking to stick to a calorie controlled diet as they are only 184 calories with a huge 20 grams of protein per bar. Hitting your protein goals is important for maintaining muscle mass while losing weight and these protein bars from Warrior are a great way to do so. 

 Diet Bars


Pre-workouts are a great way to help you smash your sessions while in a dieting phase. Sometimes when dieting you can find yourself low on energy and pre-workouts can increase your energy levels to enhance your workouts. All the best pre-workout supplements can be found on the Warrior website, find the one which is best for you today. Some recommendations for popular pre-workouts can be found below.

  • Warrior Rage - Warrior Rage is one of the most powerful, most effective, and most results driven pre-workouts on the market. A huge 45 power-packed serving in every little atomic blast of a tub!
  • Warrior Rage Savage - Warrior Rage Savage is another popular Pre-Workout from the Warrior range with incredible flavours and ingredients to help you smash every workout.

To find out more about pre-workouts, check out our pre workout blog.

Warrior Whey

Warrior Whey is the perfect supplement for someone looking to keep their protein intake high. Warrior Whey packs in 36g of high quality tasty protein per serving, with low sugar, and low carbs. Warrior Whey comes in a range of incredible tasting flavours. Warrior Whey can be found in a 1kg bag or 2kg bag on the Warrior website, give it a go if you are struggling to hit your protein goals.

If you are looking for a a protein powder that is refreshing for the warmer weather you may prefer the Fruity Clear Whey Isolate. Warrior Isolate was designed to offer a fruity and new twist for when you want a rapid digesting protein hit without the bloat and in a nice, easy to drink refreshing fruit taste. Warrior Isolate is made from the Purest Isolate Whey source available with incredible macro’s to boot.

Whey Protein


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Posted 26 Apr 2022