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What does pre-workout do?

Pre-workout supplements are designed to improve your overall workout performance and experience. Pre-workout's can help improve focus, strength and power output. Due to stim pre-workout's being high in caffeine, they are perfect for boosting energy levels.

Pre-workout benefits:

Pre-workout supplements are so popular because they are found to be very effective. The energy boost that pre-workout gives you, makes it perfect for anyone looking to intensify their training.


Who is pre-workout for?

Pre-workout is designed for both athletes and individuals who are involved in exercises / training. Pre-workout is often used by people who live busy lifestyles as it is an effective way to boost your energy to complete a training session to a high standard.

When should you take pre-workout's?

Most pre-workout's should be taken 20-60 minutes before training to feel the full effect.

How much caffeine should you have before a workout?

Depending on how much experience you have with taking caffeine and the type of exercise that you are doing will determine how much caffeine you should take. The most often doses are between 100-300mg however it is advised you don't go above 400mg per day.

How long do pre-workout's last?

The duration of a pre-workout depends on the dosage of caffeine you take however if you follow the serving sizes of Warrior Pre-workout supplements it should last you for up to 2 hours during your training sessions.