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How to relax and recover effectively

How to relax and recover effectively

If you are someone who trains with a high intensity on a regular basis, relaxing and recovery is massively important. Your body needs time to recover after training so that you can go into your next session ready to perform to your best. In this blog we will look at how you can get the most out of your recovery by using relaxation supplements and more. 

The Best Relaxation Supplements 

At Warrior you can find a wide range of supplements to help you relax. Below you can find some examples and what they do:

  • Warrior Sleep Supplements - Warrior Sleep can be found in a powder or delicious gummy form. Warrior Sleep is one of the worlds strongest, most convenient and deliciously palatable sleep inducing and sleep enhancing supplement. In the Warrior Sleep powder it has been designed to include valerian root which is great for relaxing the body to improve sleep quality. The Warrior Sleep Gummies are designed to include 5-HTP and lemon balm which are also great for promoting relaxation. 
  • Warrior Zinc Magnesium and B6 - Zinc is one of three minerals that has a sedative effect on the nervous system, allowing the body to relax and recover. Warrior Zinc Magnesium and B6 can also relax the mind by having stress reducing benefits. 
  • Warrior Amino Blast - Amino Blast is not only a great all day energy supplement but the amino acids are great for helping to rebuild and recovery of muscles after training. By introducing amino acids to your supplement regime, you are less likely to suffer from muscle fatigue. 

Other ways to relax and recover 

Alongside supplements there are some lifestyle changes that can be made in order to relax and recover. 

Sports Massages 

Although they might not be the most relaxing massage they are a great way to enhance your recovery and improve your mobility to be able to train more effectively. 

Going for a light walk

On your rest days, going for a light walk or just walking the dog can be a great way to recover. By staying active on your rest days you are keeping the blood flowing to your muscles and keeping them ready for your next workout. 

Stretching / Yoga 

Maybe you can wake up 30 minutes earlier and add some stretches to your routine. By doing this you are not only helping your body recover but you are also setting yourself up for the day ahead. Stretching is a underrated by lots of gym-goers as it has many positive impacts on your training. For example, someone who stretches regularly will be able to perform a deeper squat compared to someone who doesn't stretch. 


Many people find that meditating is a great way to relax the mind and reduce stress. There are many apps to help you get started with meditating and using these could have a knock on effect to your training as some people find they become more motivated after meditating. 

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Posted 21 Nov 2022