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The reason your New Year Resolutions failed: How to fix it

The reason your New Year Resolutions failed: How to fix it

Did you set some New Year resolutions? How are they going? If you've stuck to them so far that's great, if you haven't don't panic... In this blog we will discuss why some many fitness related resolutions get ignored by February and how you can change that.

Realistic goal setting

The main reason for falling off track with New Year resolutions is due to setting goals that are too unrealistic. Setting goals that are unachievable, run the risk of decreasing motivation as you will start to feel bad that you aren't being perfect at sticking to them. Start by setting goals that you will realistically achieve and when you get a small win from achieving that goal, set another one and make it more challenging. The small wins add up. Below you can see an example of a realistic goal.

Goal - Lose 5kg of body fat in roughly 12 weeks while doing resistance training in the gym a minimum of 3x per week.

Build a plan around your lifestyle

Starting a new training plan is a good way to boost motivation however if you are just copying someone else's plan that you have found online, it reduces the likelihood that you will actually stick to it. When starting a new plan, making sure it's tailored around your lifestyle is key to being consistent. When building a plan you need to take into account, social life, work life, and anything else that could get in the way.

Set yourself up for success

Setting yourself up for success means planning ahead to make sure you make the route of getting to your goal as easy for yourself as possible. For example, you are more likely to fall off track with your fitness goals if you don't map out the weeks ahead and set yourself targets to aim for.

Another way you can set yourself up for success is by building a supplement stack to go alongside your training. Check out the range of supplements available at Warrior today to help you achieve your fitness goals.


If your new year goals haven't gone to plan so far, beating yourself up and going back to old habits isn't the way to go about it. Goals can be set in any month of the year, set yourself some realistic fitness goals and then build the habits up by being consistent which your training, nutrition and lifestyle.
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Posted 01 Feb 2024