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Men's Health Awareness Month


It's Men's Health Awareness Month, maybe you are doing Movember but there are many other ways that we can make the most of this month in a positive way. Whether it be focusing on yourself or someone close to you, make that extra effort this month. 

Best supplements for men's health

By making sure you get all your vitamins and minerals in throughout the day, you will start to feel better in yourself and it will come with long term health benefits. At Warrior there are a range of supplements that you should consider taking daily in order stay on top of your health. Below you can find a list of supplements and the benefits that they bring.

  • Warrior VitD3 - We get Vitamin D from the sun which means in the winter months we are usually lacking Vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D can lead to unhealthy bones and by having high levels of Vitamin D it is beneficial for teeth, bones and muscles. 
  • Warrior Multi Vitamin - Warrior Multi-Vitamin is a high intensity, high potency multi-vitamin and mineral complex, designed to give your body everything it needs in one ultra-concentrated daily dose.
  • Warrior Sleep - Good sleep is one of the simplest ways to improve your mood and health. Warrior Sleep is a convenient and deliciously palatable sleep inducing and sleep enhancing supplement.    

Going to the gym

Going to the gym is a way to release stress as when you come out you will feel good in yourself for going. Not only this but you can progress by getting stronger or seeing positive differences in your body. Overall exercise is just a great way to stay healthy.  

Checking on others 

We should do this all year round however make the extra effort this month to check on those close to you. By just asking and having a chat with someone, you can make their day. If you do find that someone is feeling low, asking them to do an activity with you can be a good way to bring their mood up.

Move More 

Getting out of the house even if it's going for a walk can be a good way to clear your mind. Why not set yourself a step challenge this month and try your best to stick to it. This is a good way to stay motivated and it keeps you out of the house. 

Spend time with people who make you feel good

Spending time with friends and family is one of the best ways to keep yourself feeling happy. By doing this you will hopefully spend more time laughing which is one of the most natural ways to improve your overall happiness. Being happy also means being healthy.

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Posted 18 Nov 2022