Looking for the best protein bar on the market? Warrior Crunch is your answer.

Having trouble finding a protein bar that balances taste and nutritional values? Warrior Crunch could change the way you look at protein bars... Enough of the dry, tasteless protein bars it’s time for a Warrior Crunch!

What is a Warrior Crunch?

Warrior Crunch is a delicious, multi-layered protein bar containing low carb and high protein macronutrients. With just 2.3g of sugar per bar and 2.3g of impact carbs, it really is the perfect protein bar. Whether you’re dieting, eating clean or just looking to stay lean there is always room for a Warrior Crunch in your diet.

Are Warrior Crunch Bars Healthy?

Warrior Crunch bars are packed with tons of flavour and 20g of high-quality protein. With the bar containing just 2.3g of sugar, it is a perfect substitute for other unhealthy snacks. The delicious flavour of the bar means it’s perfect to implement into a balanced, sustainable diet.

How many calories in a Warrior Crunch bar?

Each bar contains 239 delicious calories, with amazing macronutrients. The bar has 20g of protein, 24g of carbs with just 2.3g being sugars and 11g of fats.