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How to stay motivated and on track around Christmas

How to stay motivated and on track around Christmas

Staying motivated and keeping on track with your training around the Christmas period can be tough with all the social activities and chocolate available. While it is important to enjoy yourself and not limit yourself too much around Christmas, there are slight changes that you can make in order to make sure that you don't completely fall off. In this blog we will look at some ways to structure your nutrition and training throughout December so you can thank yourself in January.

Think about protein intake

It is likely that you aren't following as strict of a diet around this time of year however you should consider your protein intake if you are looking to hold on to the muscle that you have been working hard to build. If you are taking a diet break you can be flexible with the amount of carbohydrates and fats you are eating however try and include at least 3 high protein meals throughout the day and then you can add in some protein snacks or shakes to make sure you are still hitting them protein goals throughout December. 

At Warrior you can find a selection of protein packed delicious bars to help keep your protein intake high. If you are someone who prefers to drink your protein in a shake then Warrior Whey could be a good option for you. We aren't saying you should be having a protein shake with your Christmas dinner but through December if you add some protein snacks to your diet you will thank yourself in January.

Change your workout split

Changing your training programme can be motivational in itself however around the Christmas period it can be even more important. If you have a busy festive period and you currently train 6 times a week, it may be worthwhile cutting down your days to a 4-5 day programme. Below you can find some example of training splits dependant on the amount of days you can train:

  • 3 days per week - 3 full body sessions 
  • 4 days a week - upper body, lower body - repeat
  • 5 days a week - push, pull, legs, rest, upper, lower, rest

The use of supplements 

You probably take many supplements already however pre-workout supplements are great for preparing you for a gym session when you aren't feeling as motivated. By having a scoop of Warrior Rage or Warrior Rage Savage 20 minutes prior to working out, you will find your energy levels spike just in time to train.

Prioritise Sleep 

Getting a good sleep is not only massively important for our overall health but it is also important to us staying motivated. If you are always feeling tired because you don't have a good sleep pattern, you are not going to be motivated to go and do an intense training session. 

Posted 06 Dec 2022