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How to fuel up for your workouts

How to fuel up for your workouts

Ever gone into a workout feeling unmotivated and lethargic? There are many ways to fuel up in order to get the most of workouts and we will look at the best ways to do so in this blog. Note that everyone's body is different and therefore you should test which method works best for you.

Should you eat before a workout

If you are someone who likes to train first thing in the morning, you may find that having a big meal before you train will make you feel tired during your workout and therefore having a small snack and some caffeine has been found to work well for the early morning trainers. If you are looking for an effective pre-workout to take in the morning, look no further than Warrior Rage and Warrior Rage Savage. If you train later on in the day, having a high carb meal before you train will leave you feeling energised throughout the workout. Be conscious of eating too close to your workout as your food will need time to settle before an intense training session. Waiting 1-2 hours after eating to train should leave you feeling ready for your workout. 

What foods to eat before your workout

Your pre-workout meal or snack is arguably the most important factor to consider when fuelling up for your workout. There are two different types of carbohydrates, fast releasing and slow releasing. Slow releasing carbs will slowly digest meaning they are not the best option right before a workout. Fast digesting carbs can be consumed just before training to give yourself an energy boost. Some examples of slow digesting carbohydrates are, oats, cream of rice and brown rice. Some fast digesting carbs include, fruit, cereals and sugar. These fast releasing carbs will give you an energy boost just as you are about to train but won't leave you feeling too bloated. 

Will caffeine improve your workout?

Caffeine is an effective tool for when you want to increase your energy levels just before training. Having caffeine 30 minutes before your workout will mean your energy levels will be spiked throughout the session. If you are looking for an effective pre-workout supplement, Warrior Rage and Warrior Savage are perfect for levelling up your workouts. If you don't have a pre-workout supplement, coffee or energy drinks are some other high caffeine options. 

The importance of water before a workout

When you are training and sweating you will be releasing water and if you have not drank enough water throughout the day or during your session, you will be left feeling dehydrated. Being dehydrated will mean that you may see a decrease in strength and overall energy. Try to make sure you drink at least a litre of water before going into your workout and then keep sipping it throughout the session to keep hydrated. 

By taking all the above into account combined with a good sleep, you should find yourself feeling motivated and fuelled for your next workout to hopefully hit some new personal bests.  

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Posted 13 Oct 2022