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Exposing The Top 6 Gym Myths

Exposing The Top 6 Gym Myths

Most of us have been advised by friends, family, or gym partners. It is common to hear new gym myths, facts, and rumours that may not be as true as you first think. Hearing this advice might encourage you from attending the gym. 

So We decided to create this blog of the top 6 inaccurate fitness myths. Carry on reading to find out if any of your gym beliefs are false or not entirely true.

You should always stretch before exercising

While you should stretch before and after a workout, there are specific stretches you should be doing. Most people were told when they were younger to touch their toes and stretch their hamstrings but doing this could lead to more harm than good by overstretching your muscles while they are still cold.

Instead, you should be doing dynamic stretches to warm your muscles up. These types of movements stretch your muscles to their full range of motion.

Women should lift heavy weights to avoid bulking

This is a common fact as women don't want to be lifting heavy weights as they don't want to bulk up. As women’s testosterone levels are typically lower than males they won't build as much muscle as a typical male. Women can experience physical and mental benefits from strength training such as a leaner and more muscular body as well as better self-esteem.

You have to eat within 30 minutes after a workout

We are not saying don’t eat after a workout but you don’t need to rush home to get your meal in that 30-minute window. To get the most out of your workout most say to eat within 2 hours after. There are many benefits of eating after a workout such as improving recovery and helping improve performance at your next gym session. It can also reduce muscle soreness the next day.

No Pain No Gain

If it feels uncomfortable or hard work while performing your sets it is expected, but if you feel a sharp pain in your knee every time you squat you should stop and get it checked out. Taking it easy in the gym won't create the results you want, but pushing yourself too hard can be more harmful than good. It is important to feel the muscle burn from the exercise but not get to the point where you feel yourself moving towards an injury.

Weight Training is pointless if you want to lose fat

People who avoid lifting weights should know that it is necessary if they wish to reduce weight. A focused weight training session with high reps and low weights helps tone muscles and burn more calories than a cardiovascular endurance session. Increased muscle mass can help your metabolism.

Eating carbs means you gain more weight

You've probably heard that if you want to reduce weight, you should avoid carbohydrates. As long as you're in a calorie deficit, it doesn't matter if you're on a low-carb diet. Overeating carbs can cause weight increase, but not necessarily fat gain.  For every gram of carbs your body holds 3 grams of water, so when you go to the scales don’t be discouraged as it could be water and not fat. Everything should be in its proper proportion, so eating a well-balanced diet is the best option.

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Posted 12 May 2022