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Everything you need to know about Zinc Magnesium and B6

Everything you need to know about Zinc Magnesium and B6

If you are looking to upgrade your supplement stack but unsure what vitamins and minerals to add, Warrior Zinc Magnesium and B6 is a great place to start. In this blog we will look at the potential benefits you will get from adding this supplement to your daily routine. 

How could it benefit you?

Warrior Supplements brings you a range of products specifically selected to assist you in achieving and optimising a healthy lean physique. Supplying you with the best ingredients available. Warrior Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 improves upon the original ZMA formula, by synergistically combining Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 in optimal dosages. But why is this beneficial?

Improves sleep quality 

If you regularly take zinc and magnesium supplements before you go to sleep you may find that your overall quality of sleep improves. This is because these minerals are necessary for the metabolism of melatonin which is a key hormone for healthy sleep. Zinc works well for this as it has a sedative effect on your body's nervous system. By improving your sleep quality you may see improved performance when training and will feel happier overall. 

Stress Reduction

A good sleep is one the most effective ways to reduce stress. This is what makes Zinc Magnesium and B6 such an effective supplement for reducing stress levels. Vitamin B6 has been found to produce more serotonin and therefore reduce stress levels in some individuals. 

Normal psychological function 

Magnesium helps with the maintenance of a healthy brain function as it plays an important role in relaying signals between your brain and your body. As most people don't get enough magnesium through their regular diet, this makes Warrior Zinc Magnesium and B6 an important supplement to take. 

Maintenance of normal testosterone levels 

Taking zinc regularly has been found to help with the maintenance of normal testosterone levels. This is important for anyone who is looking to build or maintain muscle. If you are someone who takes their training seriously, getting as much as you can out of your workouts is important and Zinc can help you do this. 


By adding Warrior Zinc Magnesium and Vitamin B6 to your supplement stack there are many positives that will come from it. If you are looking to keep on top of your physical and mental wellbeing, this should be a staple in your supplement stack. Get yours from the Warrior website today and enjoy all the benefits to come! 

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Posted 25 Oct 2022