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10 habits to 10% body fat

10 habits to 10% body fat

We all have goals in mind as they are a way to keep us motivated long term. One goal that many individuals have is to get down to 10% bodyfat however this takes serious planning and dedication to get to. In this blog we will look at 10 habits you can start doing to help you get down to 10% bodyfat.

1. Weighing Yourself

Weighing yourself first thing every morning is a good habit to get into however you need to have a healthy relationship with the scales. Scale weight can fluctuate day on day depending on many factors such as, eating later the night before, body holding onto more water etc. If you weigh yourself every day you can get a weekly average of weight loss and then try to keep that average decreasing week on week. By doing this you are holding yourself accountable and you will notice motivation will be higher.

2. Sleep Schedule

It is important to prioritise sleep all year round however if you are dieting it is arguably even more important. Set yourself a time that you are going to go to bed and stick to it as closely as you can. You will also need to set yourself a time that you are going to wake up. Aim for 7-9 hours and you will find your general energy levels improve, recovery improves, cravings reduce and the overall capability to build muscle gets easier.

3. High Volume Foods 

When dieting down to 10% body fat, hunger levels are something that need to be managed and the best way of doing so is making sure you are in the habit of eating high volume foods. Bulking your meals out with vegetables are easiest way to do this as vegetables are nutrient dense and low in calories. Try to get vegetables in each meal and you will find you feel full.

4. Nutrition Tracking

Tracking your nutrition is easier than ever in the modern day as there are many apps available that let you quickly enter your meal details, showing you the calories and macros. By getting into the habit of tracking you will get more of an understanding of the nutritional values in foods and then long term you will be able to make smarter good choices without having to track every day. Get into the habit of tracking your foods will speed your the rate of fat loss and you can be consistent with your intake and you can identify the changes that need to made if you hit a plateau. 

5. Protein Intake

Sticking to a high protein diet is going to be crucial for dropping body fat while holding onto / building muscle. Protein is the most filling macro nutrient meaning if you follow a high protein diet, you are more likely to feel full. A high protein diet will also allow you to maintain and build muscle mass while dropping body fat in a dieting phase. Try and aim for 1 gram of protein per lbs of bodyweight.

6. Daily Steps

Increasing your daily step count is a habit that is going to help you increase your energy expenditure without putting too much stress on your body. Set yourself a step target to hit daily and add some walks into your daily routine to make sure you can hit the goal.

7. Daily Sunlight Exposure

If you have a job where you work from home or maybe you are sat in an office all day, going out for at least 10 minutes of sunlight exposure is going to increase your overall mood and motivation. Not only is this a chance to get more steps in but it has been found that by getting out in the fresh air, you can positively impact your mindset which is always a bonus when it comes to reaching fitness goals.

8. Prioritise Resistance Training

It is a common misconception that cardio is more effective than resistance training when it comes to reducing body fat. Resistance training does not only burn calories, it is effective for building muscle while dropping body fat. By building muscle you will find it easier to lose body fat as your body will naturally burn more calories per day.

9. Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is usually a good habit no matter what you're doing however when it comes to dropping body fat, planning is even more important. Planning what time you eat, train, work, walk will mean that you are more likely to tick off all your tasks for the day and by doing this consistently you will see results. To drop body fat you have to do the basic well for a long period of time and planning ahead is going to put you in the best possible position to do this.

10. Burn Calories For Fun

Getting into the habit of burning calories for fun is going to make it easier to stay active. This could be by starting a hobby outside of the gym, like a sport that you enjoy, hiking etc. 

As you can see getting down to 10% body fat is about making lifestyle changes and sticking to them alongside a structured training and nutrition plan. At Warrior you can find all the best supplements to make staying consistent easier. If you are using any of our supplements to help you on your journey, show us on Instagram and tag us @warriorsupps.

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Posted 23 Oct 2023