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The benefits of investing in your own fitness

The benefits of investing in your own fitness

It's national fitness day are you keeping active? investing in your overall fitness is important for your physical and mental health and it is one of the easiest ways to feel healthy. Whether it be playing your favourite sports, going for a run or going to the gym, there are many ways that you can stay fit. In this blog we will talk about the benefits that come from living an active lifestyle and supplements that may help you achieve these benefits. 


Strengthens your heart and lungs

By having a good cardio-vascular system you are allowing your heart to pump blood around the body without it having to work too hard, meaning your resting heart rate will be low. In general the average adult has a resting heart rate between 60-100 beats per minute however athletes are generally between 40-60 beats per minute. If you are looking to improve your cardio-vascular system, find the type of cardio that you enjoy the most and then stick to this while trying to improve your speed over time. If you are looking to improve your lung capacity while training, Warrior Rage Savage includes peak02 to help get your through your intense training sessions. 

Mental health benefits

By doing regular exercise you may find that your mental health is impacted in a positive way. This is because doing exercise your body releases endorphins which make you feel good and lower stress levels. Not only does it release these feel good hormones but you may also start to see a change in your body composition which can help with the feel good feeling. If you are looking for a supplement to positively impact your mental health, the Warrior Ashwagandha Gummies are a great place to start. Warrior Ashwagandha Gummies are an all in one mood complex product. Containing a potent 10:1 Ashwagandha Extract, Rhodiola, L-Theanine and a host of B Vitamins to keep you at your best, this is everything you need to conquer your day in one convenient delicious gummy.

Build relationships 

By competing in sports or going to the gym, you are likely to get speaking to new people with the same interests as you. This can then give you more social activities to go to in your free time and this can have a knock on effect to feeling good in general. This goes to show that being active doesn't just have physical benefits but in fact it can benefit your overall lifestyle.  

Better functioning immune system

 Exercising regularly can make your immune system function better. This means that your body will be able to fight off viruses quicker than someone who does no exercise. Not only can you fight off viruses but your body will also react more efficiently to vaccines to protect your overall health. Alongside regular exercise, there are lifestyle and diet changes that can be made to improve your immune system function. Warrior shield is a great supplement for this. Warrior Shield is your shield protecting and bolstering your immune system. Its improved gut health features and direct immunity supporting vitamins ensure your immune system and microbiome are supported on all angles. Immunity also contains Hawthorne Berry, N-Acetyl Cysteine and L-Methionine for Kidney, Liver and Blood Pressure support, ensuring you are shielded best as possible.

Aids in weight management 

Obesity in the UK is a big problem and investing in your own fitness is the best way to combat obesity. If you are looking to lose weight, exercising while eating in a calorie deficit is the way to achieve this. You should aim to get a healthy weight and there are a few products from Warrior that can help you to get to this goal. If you are looking to lose weight you should try:

Warrior Diet Bars - These are a low calorie, protein packed bar, making for the perfect healthy snack. 

Warrior WheyWarrior Whey is a lean whey protein supplement that you can use to hit your protein goals. Warrior Whey shakes can be used as another healthy snack and the delicious flavours will take away them sweet tooth cravings. 

Warrior Fruity Clear Whey Isolate - This provides you with the same benefits as Warrior Whey but with a fruity twist. 

How to start

Looking to take action? Start by thinking what would be the most enjoyable form of exercise for you. This can be anything from walking the dog everyday to intense training sessions in the gym. If it is a sport that you are looking to start playing, try and find a community club in your area and go down to get involved. By starting today you will thank yourself later.

Posted 21 Sep 2022