How you can boost your immune system and protect your overall health with Warrior Shield

What is it and why do you need Warrior Shield ? 

Warrior Shield is your shield protecting and bolstering your immune system. Its ingredients lead to improved gut health and it consists of vitamins to ensure your immune system and microbiome are supported on all angles. 

In the Winter months Warrior Shield is even more beneficial as typically, in the cold months you are more likely to become ill and with a strong immune system you will be able to fight these infections off. 

How does it work?

Warrior Shield is packed with the following ingredients:

  1. Hawthorne Berry, N-Acetyl Cysteine And L-Methionine - These ingredients help with Kidney, Liver And Blood Pressure Support.
  2. Contains Prebiotic Fibre, Papaya And L-Glutamine - These are included as they have been found to Improve Gut Health
  3. Vitamins D3 And C - These are essential vitamins that are included to boost and support your immune system.

How to use Warrior Shield 

Warrior Shield has some delicious flavours that you can choose from. Each morning take a 10g scoop and mix it with some water. This will get your day off to a great start as it will set you up with all the amazing vitamins ready to smash the day. 

Each tub will provide you with a 4 weeks supply meaning you can change the flavour each month to keep your taste buds refreshed!